“Nubia’s heart imbues every cell of her being whether leading the flow of yoga or offering the transfroming experience of Odissi dance or her brazilan roots. Nubia radiates the essence of yoga in a universal, authentic, rasa-filled way through her teachings, performances, chanting and in her living of yoga with her family at home or around the world. She is a jewel in the heart of many.”

 Shiva Rea, Yoga Visionary



“Nubia leads her classes with fierce heart, humor, and a well of masterful knowledge. I love Nubia’s classes because they’re always different, and always the perfect place to slow down connect with myself and inhabit my body. Nubia’s classes help me to connect with what is really important to me, to be more alive in my life and have become an integral part of my fitness and awareness practices.”

Bodhi Cole, Personal Chef


“Nubia Teixeira is an extraordinary Yoga teacher. She has an extensive knowledge base cultivated from a lifetime of devotional study and practice both in Yoga and the art of Odissi dance. For this reason alone there are very few Yoga teachers with her skill and understanding. From the pronunciation of Sanskrit words to the music she chooses to work with, Nubia facilitates her classes with a keen sense of intuition and truly embodies the work. As a full time dance instructor I have found her classes invaluable and I recommend her to my students or anyone looking for authentic instruction.”

Tika Morgan, Full Time Dancer


“Nubia’s classes are a piece of art interweaving her vast knowledge and mastery of asana, mudras, mantras and pranayama into an hour long journey of heartfelt flow and song. She is a gifted teacher whose authenticity and joy light up the way as she guides her students with her gift of song, hands on adjustments and her playful and devotional approach to her teachings. I am proud to call her my teacher and mentor.”

Naia Maro, Aritst & Yoga Teacher


“As a studio owner, I have had the honor to take classes from hundreds of teachers over the years. Nubia’s teachings are not only exceptional, they are profound. She is the embodiment of yoga and mother earth. Do not miss the opportunity to study with Nubia. I humbly bow to her and her teachings, and all the teachers before her.”

Kimberly Leo, Owner and Director of Namaste Yoga & Wellness


“Nubia Teixeira imbues her movements with beauty, devotion and grace in her Bhakti-Nova style Odissi dance. Nubia transforms a simple space into a temple, and brings her students with her on a journey into the joy and love of this ancient dance. Her unique, accessible approach makes learning Odissi possible and the experience rich in connection and meaning.”

Lynn Wallace, Author of Dance Me Home, A Moving Journey


“Devotional, present, inspiring, joyful, free flowing, beautiful, generous, her pranayama exercises takes us flying, her beautiful singing keeps us high. Nubia, is a gift to all her students. Her samba heart has the capacity to improvise and to transform sadness into happiness. That’s what samba is all about and Nubia just got it all!”

Helena Lopes, Yoga Lover

“Nubia embodies everything she teaches and expects from her students– her commitment to spiritual transformation shines through each of her classes through her shining smile, compassionate tone and grounded presence. Classes with Nubia are focused on strengthening body, heart and spirit. Her creative sequencing create new possibility for openings in the body and heart that I’ve never experienced in other classes. Through the trust I feel with Nubia, I can open my body more deeply, challenge myself and also rest when I need to. She will compassionately challenge you to truly stay present in the class and discover what it means to embody the depth each pose in your life.”

Iris Brilliant


“The CD [Pranayama: May Our Breath Be Our Prayer] is spectacular!!! A rare jewel in the yoga lotus that integrates traditional pranayamas, meditations and visualizations with chanting and music that awakens and nourishes our innate heart energy. This CD is permeated with the living mantra of our breath prayer that Nubia, Jai, and Ben serve with great love, humanness and power. Nubia’s beautiful guidance and Jai’ s transporting music is like having Radha and Krishna as your private instructors. The Best!”

Shiva Rea, Yoga Visionary


“The first class I went to with Nubia focused on heart opening. At the end, I found myself in Shavasana listening to her beautiful chanting with hot tears running down my face into my ears… I knew a healing process had begun. Nubia’s teaching style and experience inspire me to want to take my practice deeper. I find her classes to be very deep and playful at the same time. Her stories and visualizations are inspirational and her instructions are very clear and easy to understand and follow. Nubia also focuses a lot on breath-work, which I have found to be very beneficial.

With her guidance I started to make small breakthroughs in my own practice and learning about the nuances and beauty of each pose and taking them deeper. I also found that Yoga has helped me to open my heart, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yet, what inspired me most was that I noticed everything Nubia seemed to do (singing, dancing, Yoga) had a devotional aspect to it, what a beautiful concept! When she teaches, I see her as a conduit of light and love and a reminder that we too can be the same and carry that mindfulness through our busy daily lives. And the physical benefits? I feel stronger and less tense and my knee and hips are not bothering me as much and I have actually grown ¾ of an inch!!! True story!

When I look at Nubia I think, “I want to know what she knows!” When I learned of her Bhakti Nova Yoga Immersion I almost ran to the front desk to sign up. What a treasure, an invaluable gift. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from someone so devoted and special and I know I will take these teachings with me throughout the rest of my journey. I am SO looking forward to the immersion!”

Carrie Souza, Singer & Media Specialist


“Nubia’s wise and warmhearted presence makes her a skillful, compassionate guide with a delightful Brazilian twist!”

Tara Bennett-Goleman, Author of Emotional Alchemy


“This series of yogic meditations reconnects us to the grounded, nurturing and loving wisdom that resides in each of us. The powerful combination of Nubia’s warm and gentle guidance and Jai’s soulful tones goes straight to the heart and invites it to open to itself and to the world as one.”

Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn, Authors & Meditation Teachers