Listen to Your Body, Set Intentions, Heal Through Touch

Watch Nubia’s Personal Invitation to You!


Dive deep, listen to your body and spirit, pray, set intention,

share nourishing touch and the gift of being an instrument of healing to one another. 


Dive deep into learning the gift of Thai Massage and the healing principles of Hatha Yoga. Nourish your body and psyche through ancient practices while surrounded by a group of supportive, loving women. Through safe and specific hands-on adjustments and pressure in energy points and movements, you will be guided on how to support someone in opening their body to awaken energy channels, enliven their internal organs, and relax accumulated tension and stress. A perfect weekend for those seeking refuge and relaxation!

Nubia Teixeira Women’s Retreat | Harbin Hot Springs | Food by Lydia’s Organics

Friday, September 7 – Sunday, September 9

Cost: $479 for 3 Days, 2 Nights



Nubia’s Personal Invitation to You!