Greetings Yogis and Yoginis!

I am back from Brazil.

It was indeed a short journey, yet really focused and fruitful!
I am grateful.

I bathed in my families love, had soooooo much fun with my son’s passion for soccer as we watched Brazil’s wonderful performance in their first opening World Cup game.

I also got to spend time with my 2 yogi buddies down there and talk about this benevolent practice we call YOGA . I got to share where I am at, hear their journeys and insights and have new realizations of how to conduct myself and others in the path. Om.

I also got the chance to go to my Guru’s Gompa Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and practice “Making Peace with the Environment”. A Tibetan practice that my Rinpoche created to heal the inner and outer environments with the help of the 5 Feminine Forces of the Great Mothers: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.



” May all Beings recuperate from sickness of physical and mental pollution and enjoy relative and absolute health, now and forever.
May all Beings be able to relax in pure inner and outer environments, now and forever.”
– Lama Gangchen

Yoga is not something you do only, but it is something you become as you “do” things in this world. The impressions you leave in your earthly-body and in the planets-body.

” The body in peace – The word with peace.
The mind in peace – The emotions in peace.
To sleep in peace – Have dreams of peace.
To wake up in peace – To work in peace.
To drive in peace – To eat in peace.
To talk in peace – To study in peace.
To look with peace – To touch with peace.
To listen with peace – To speak with peace.
Peace with everything – Everything with peace.”
– Lama Gangchen


I decided to offer through my classes more of a harmonizing practice, where a balance between action and surrender, strength and relaxation, anatomical and spiritual are observed – Ngel So

Through Yoga’ s healing techniques, I wish to provide to my students a gentle cleansing of the inner elements, all of them, not just the fire element, and to honor the interdependence of the human body and the planet’s body.

By observing the precepts of Dharma and my interaction  with life, I would like to create an inner and outer culture of eco-morality, peace, love and respect for all of Life.


I will leave you today with:


Yoga Works, Mill Valley on Friday’s at 12:30pm


Namaste Yoga, Grand Lake on Tuesday’s at 4pm



“Nature of Suffering and the Buddha’s Teachings”, by Nubia Teixeira
In the dichotomy of life we sway, with the constant flow of having glimpses of our natural  state of SATCHIDANANDA, as we enter the soul’s reality; and the pain of witnessing the suffering within and all around us, as we perceive the human’s reality.
In this LEELA (divine play) the awaken yogini sees beyond the ordinary, and learns about the impermanence of facts and things and about the interdependency of everything that exists in this realm and in other realities.
The Buddha’s teachings on the truth of the human condition were very straight forth:
1- All Life is Suffering – That which is difficult to bear (Diagnosis of an illness)
Birth;  Death;  sickness;  old age; not getting what we want; getting what we don’t want; even getting what we want eventually brings us suffering.
2- The origin of suffering is Desire, Aversion or Clinging (Prognosis)
Craving for life make us fear death. Holding onto an external image of ourselves, detaches us for the inner reality. Wanting to change what is, keeps us prisoners of the past or the future, and disconnected to the reality of now.
3- Ceasing desire will end suffering (Recovery)
If we give up clinging to what is illusory and impermanent and learn how to surrender to Divine Will, we can glimpse into a way out of the suffering.
4- The eight fold path is a way to stop suffering (Medicine to cure the disease)
Buddha’s eight fold path are rules to observe that will connect us to Dharma and the path of Spiritual Growth.
PRAJNA – Wisdom or Discernment
1- Right Vision – See beyond the facts, with eyes of wisdom, into the reality of things.
2- Right Intent – Feel your heart of compassion and love and free your mind from negativity.
SILA – Ethical Conduct
3- Right Speech- Communicate thoughtfully and avoid hurting or misguiding others.
4- Right Action – Respect all of life and the ethical approach to your actions.
5- Right Livelihood – Do not exploit, pollute, harm or disrespect others and the planet.
SAMADHI – Mental Discipline
6- Right Effort – Keep a positive attitude towards life and abandon harmful thoughts, words and deeds.
7- Right Mindfulness -Develop awareness of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.
8- Right Concentration – Be focused at the moment and practice meditation, one pointedness on the Divine.
Eco-Morality ~ purifying our inner and outer environments