Brazil is calling me. Roots are asking to be honored and connections to be made…

I am getting ready to go back home to Brazil for a week and although my practical brain is asking:

Why are you doing this? Going all the way to Brazil for a week, during World Cup? Are you insane? ;0)

My heart & soul just smile and the deeper knowing just knows….no need to justify….


My inheritance is always waiting for me, no shortage of funds. Through my simple family I get the most Love one can get. It seems to be an endless Source and I am needing some bathing in that Well.

My son, Ezra, is so excited to see his family and to be in his grandma’s little apartment that smells like “guarana”, a brazilian power fruit, “pastelzinhos”, pastries, “caldo de cana” sugar cane juice and “acai”….all the sweetness that one can get, right there, in that small little place with small sized Vovo Therezinha.




When I  strongly feel the presence of the Mother inside, I remember, my own mother, my 2 aunties, and my grandmother.

Oh my, aren’t they strong women?

Simple, dedicated to their families, to Virgin Mary, to the Holy Spirit.

Shamans in their own brazilian way, healing people that come to their doors with prayers (benzimentos), especial mojo or special teas.

You would look at them and think they were doing only what their husbands wanted them to do…..but they see beyond the veil and they play the game….they serve divine through Love.


I look at pictures of my grandma and listen to her stories and remember myself sitting in her lap and I feel sooooooooo strong. Jaya Ma!!!!!!

My full name is Nubia MARIA Teixeira and I was given the name Maria by my mother to be a servant  to Her.


I would like to share with you a song from a student-sister of mine that is dedicated to the Mother.

If you feel inspired, check out her website:


I simply Love YOU!


P.S. For those that come to my weekly classes I am just going to be away from June 9th to 16th, back teaching on the 17th. Wonderful Elika Baird, Jennifer Murphy, Karyn Holland and Patti Coccioli will be subbing for me.


Bellow are some exciting upcoming retreats and Teacher Training info:








Brazil Is Calling Me ~ Roots & Joy