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You’re ready to turn passion into a philosophy. In this 300 hr. Teacher Training you’ll distill years of personal practice into a clear vision. Our mentors will help you articulate your beliefs and style in a teaching methodology authentically you. Through intensive study, hands-on practice and deep inquiry you’ll unpack your perceptions, ego and experiences leading to a new sense of purpose in your practice.

Learn to craft classes for a professional career. Debate yoga ethics and culture. Pick apart alignment and subtle anatomy. Over a year long journey you’ll find opportunities to customize your training with electives focused on topics unique to your interests. Create an experience that leads you to a path only you can make come alive. Make a choice to establish yourself as resource, a pillar of strength, a reservoir of awareness and love for those who seek to join you on this journey.


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What students are saying:



Bhakti Nova School of Yoga took me on a transformative journey into the art of yoga. The joining of heart, body and breath takes another dimension as Nubia guides you to connect to yourself and your own expression of yoga as a form of healing, service and connection.
– Naia Maro,  Artist & Yoga Teacher
If you have been looking for an outstanding, transformative teacher’s training program through which to deepen your knowledge and personal practice of yoga, look no further! Nubia is the best of the best, a modern day Yogini goddess, healer, and devoted keeper of tradition – we are blessed to have her in the Bay Area. This training will heal, nurture, challenge, humble, inspire, and transform you in the best of ways. Nubia has my respect and highest recommendation! My face says it all – pure love, joy and bliss! Viva Bhakti Nova!
– Sandra Orellana Sears
It is not an exaggeration to say that I have been deeply transformed by Nubia’s teaching. I completed my 200 hr study with her, and I remain her devoted student. Her teaching is full of discernment, wisdom, compassion, devotion, and love. In her own life, she models what it means to be a yogini: to keep a personal practice, to live one’s yoga (embodying the ancient teachings of our tradition), to teach and disseminate what she knows well, to love. She enriches her student’s immediate experience of yoga with her deep knowledge of mantra and mudra, of bhakti practices, and also enables them to teach and enrich their own students’ lives with these practices. She is a master of sequencing, and requires her students to engage and return to this fundamental aspect of yoga teaching again and again. Finally, she keeps an exacting standard of what it means to be an advanced practitioner; her teacher trainings strike the perfect balance between a mindset that allows us to remain with a beginner’s mind, curious, inquisitive, at the same time that we recommit with each lesson to our own growing responsibilities as experienced yoga teachers working among and with other people. Simply, I use something Nubia has given me each day, each class, each lesson, and I trust that my learning with her continues always.
– Patricia Schmidt

“After 20 years immersed in the world of yoga study, I find Nubia Teixeira’s teachings rise to the top as the most profoundly rooted and integrated offerings of this ancient path that I have come across. Nubia is in a field of her own, blending her indigenous roots, Earth mother medicine, awakened heart and dancing soul. She is a teacher of teachers and innately is able to meet each student where they are at their evolutionary edge of growth and development.  I am grateful to know she is training Yoga teachers whom will share their depth with integrity and honor these ancient traditions,  bringing their lights and igniting the light in their families, community and world. Nubia’s pure devotion, masterful offerings, deep seeing and authentic expression make her one of the most trusted, revered teachers I have ever known.  Thank you Nubia, for seeing and meeting me and activating my soul.”

– Gabriela Masala, Community Development Consultant and Facilitator


In every way, studying with Nubia is a rare and precious gift. If you’ve been in her presence before, I am confident you have experienced her soul-healing massage, from the inside out. This nurturing and love, oozing from her every pore, is what attracted me to her and kept me coming back to her magic for more than five years. Nubia offers a multitude of instructions and modifications, precise and tailored specifically to her students needs and abilities. The depth of her interest in my goals and doing everything she can to help me get there is something for which I am grateful beyond words. The wealth of her teachings is truly unique, spending time on the ancient, austere and esoteric facets of yoga, so frequently overlooked in modern yoga, especially in our western society. I have been transformed by her teachings and I look forward to this opportunity to dive back in and deeper than before, into devotion, practice, community and self.

– Elizabeth Rothschild


A teacher training with Nubia is a unique and personalized journey, your investment will be met by her own enormous investment in you. You will receive a training that meets you where you need to be met, challenging you where you need to grow and guides you to your true path in life and yoga. You will learn about the physical qualities of asanas and also the subtle aspects of yoga and then how to use this knowledge to bring healing and freedom to yourself and others. Nubia’s knowledge of the yoga tradition is deep and wide and flows from her with both joy and truth. Her teaching is serious about yoga, yet filled laughter and light when it comes to our humanness. I feel privileged to have trained with her and will keep returning to her as I grow and find myself ready for the next steps in my path.

– Karen Baigrie