Bhakti Nova Dance

is a modern expression of Odissi Temple Dance.

Bhakti Nova Dance honors the Divine that is present in all of life’s myriad manifestations. Drawing from the universe of symbols, myths, deities, mudras, and sacred geometry, it is Bhakti (Devotion) in motion.
This dance is called Bhakti Nova after Bossa Nova.  Nubia infuses the playful and joyful freedom of her brazilian nature into some of the movements of Odissi. 



Bhakti Nova Lineage

Nubia is trained in the Classical Indian Dance style known as Odissi, an ancient form of devotional movement from the state of Orissa, north eastern India.

Originally performed only in temples, Odissi expresses the emotions of Bhakti and the stories of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses through mudras, facial expressions, and a wide variety of body movements. Odissi Dance is a highly sculpturesque and devotional classical dance.

Nubia  has been dedicated to the sacred  art and dance of Odissi since 1997. She started training with Sonia Galvao in Sao Paulo, studied in India for 3 months and since 2001 has been a devoted student of Sri Vishnu Tattwa Das in California.



Oxum – Bhakti Nova Dance by Nubia Teixeira

“Nubia Teixeira imbues her movements with beauty, devotion and grace in her Bhakti-Nova style Odissi dance. Nubia transforms a simple space into a temple, and brings her students with her on a journey into the joy and love of this ancient dance. Her unique, accessible approach makes learning Odissi possible and the experience rich in connection and meaning.”

Lynn Wallace, Author of Dance Me Home, A Moving Journey


Nubia offers private and public dance performances