Greetings Friends and Students.

I would like to share  with you that I am just about to embark on a journey to the heart of India (to me) – I am going Kainchi Dham to sit at Shri Siddhi Ma’s feet.

I will be away from September 30th to October 8th, a 9 day pilgrimage to the Mother.

Notice: I will be back teaching on October 9th at 12:45pm at Yoga Works LL and hopefully will see you there ;0)


I’ve mentioned a few times in class that my mother, Therezinha, was always trying to figure out who I was, on the soul level. These are her words:

“Ahhh…. The stork was flying to India with Nubia in her beak and accidentally dropped her in my lap here in Brazil”.

This can be the beginning of an epic ;0) and it is.


Since a very young age, I was really interested in Indian culture, and my “curiosity” awoke within me ancient memories and the qualities of a yogini and a mystic artist of the heart.


More than Yoga being a path of physical discovery, Yoga has always been a path of spiritual and creative awakening for me. Through the physical body – our instrument of expression – I’ve gotten brief glimpses of the many layers of the mystery of nature and incarnation, and of the continuum and the interconnection of all beings and all worlds.

To me the Art and Alchemy of Yoga are manifested, expressed and awakened through the sensitivity of the physical body, the qualities of the heart and the purity of the senses.


As a practitioner I tend to look inwards, towards the inner layers first, and slowly I allow those layers to ripple outwards, expanding into the outer layers with the content and context of the Sacred.


As a teacher I am always encouraging my students to awaken from within, presenting a vast amount of possibilities, new ways of moving, of opening, of being fresh and present in the moment; tending to different aspects of the body, mind and heart, while working towards alignment with spirit and freedom.


I am really looking forward to this pilgrimage to Mother India. It will be my first time away from my son and husband for 9 days, a time of total dedication to introspection and inner connection, as I dive into the rhythms of Maharajji’s temple and Siddhi Ma’s Darshan.

I’m actually looking forward to the long flight; reading the “Devi Mahatmyam”, listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ recordings, sleeping and watching movies (all by myself!!!!!).


Kainchi Dham
Kainchi Dham – The temple I will be visiting.


Than in Kainchi, I look forward to sit by Siddhi Ma and soak into her blessings, letting the tears just flow flow flow downstream, without any talk, or any work towards “transformation”. It is by Her and Maharajji’s benevolence that Grace takes place and takes over. I just need to sit and  open my heart to them and “everything makes sense”. Tear by tear, laughter by laugher, memory by memory, insight by insight, it all unfolds effortlessly… it should be….;0)


Siddhi Ma & Jivanti Ma
-from right to left-


I first met Siddhi Ma in 2000 when I was living in India for 6 months, dedicating myself to Yoga and Odissi. It just “happens” that she was in Madras, where I was studying, and I had my first darshan with her. Her presence and strength felt like home and this familiar connection made me realize that our encounter was actually “a re-encounter”. I knew about her from Jai and at first I called her “Jai’s spiritual Mother”, until I realized that our connection was timeless and ancient. I am pretty sure that she brought me and my husband together, as 6 months later I was here in California with Jai, never to return to Brazil and to what I knew to be home.

 A new love, a new life, a new mother, a new guru, a new sangha opened to me….just like that ;0)….. She unlocked it…..

I have been back to India with Jai and little Ezra 3 more times to visit with Siddhi Ma and our relationship has been growing and growing in my daily life, in such a way that she is constantly in my thoughts and constantly guiding me. I pray for her daily to keep me on the right path and to help me to sail easily into these so often overwhelming waters.




Pilgrimage to India – Navaratri – 9 Nights Celebrating the Mother